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CoC Transformation Meme
Corruption of Champions Transformation Meme

You began your journey as a human, but gave that up as you explored the dangers of this realm...

○ Post with your character's name, fandom and preferences in the subject line
○ RNG a number 1-22 and set up a scene or roll for each tagger
○ Choose which effects your character will experience as a result of the item chosen as described here (NSFW)
○ Contains sexual content

1. Incubus Draft ○ Incubus ○ The cork-topped flask swishes with a slimy looking off-white fluid, purported to give incubi-like powers. A stylized picture of a humanoid with a huge penis is etched into the glass.
2. Succubi Milk ○ Succubus ○ This milk-bottle is filled to the brim with a creamy white milk of dubious origin. A pink label proudly labels it as "Succubi Milk". In small text at the bottom of the label it reads: "To bring out the succubus in YOU!"
3. Canine Pepper ○ Dog ○ The pepper is shiny and red, bulbous at the base but long and narrow at the tip. It smells spicy.
4. Whisker Fruit ○ Cat ○ This small, peach-sized fruit has tiny whisker-like protrusions growing from the sides.
5. Fox Berry ○ Fox ○ This large orange berry is heavy in your hands. It may have gotten its name from its bright orange coloration. You're certain it is no mere fruit.
6. Reptilum ○ Reptile ○ This is a rounded bottle with a small label that reads, "Reptilum". It is likely this potion is tied to reptiles in some way.
7. Snake Oil ○ Naga ○ A vial the size of your fist made of dark brown glass. It contains what appears to be an oily, yellowish liquid. The odor is abominable.
8. Golden Seed ○ Harpy ○ This seed looks and smells absolutely delicious. Though it has an unusual color, the harpies prize these nuts as delicious treats. Eating one might induce some physical transformations.
9. Shark Tooth ○ Shark ○ A glinting white tooth, very sharp and intimidating.
10. Bee Honey ○ Bee ○ This fine crystal vial is filled with a thick amber liquid that glitters dully in the light. You can smell a sweet scent, even though it is tightly corked.
11. Black Gossamer ○ Drider ○ These strands of gooey black gossamer seem quite unlike the normal silk that driders produce. It smells sweet and is clearly edible, but who knows what it might do to you?
12. Sweet Gossamer ○ Spider ○ These strands of gooey pink gossamer seem quite unlike the normal silk that spider-morphs produce. It smells sweet and is clearly edible, but who knows what it might do to you?
13. Kanga Fruit ○ Kangaroo ○ A yellow, fibrous, tubular pod. A split in the end reveals many lumpy, small seeds inside. The smell of mild fermentation wafts from them.
14. Neon Pink Egg ○ Rabbit ○ A bunny transformation item.
15. Equinum ○ Horse ○ This is a long flared vial with a small label that reads, "Equinum". It is likely this potion is tied to horses in some way.
16. LaBova - Cow ○ A bottle containing a misty fluid with a grainy texture, it has a long neck and a ball-like base. The label has a stylized picture of a well endowed cowgirl nursing two guys while they jerk themselves off.
17. Minotaur Blood ○ Minotaur ○ You've got a scratched up looking vial full of bright red minotaur blood. Any time you move it around it seems to froth up, as if eager to escape.
18. Shriveled Tentacle ○ Anemone ○ A dried tentacle from one of the lake anemones. It's probably edible, but the stingers are still a little active.
19. Wet cloth ○ Slime ○ Dripping with a viscous slime, you've no doubt rubbing this cloth on your body would have some kind of strange effect.
20. Ectoplasm ○ Ghost ○ The green-tinted, hardly corporeal substance flows like a liquid inside its container. It makes you feel... uncomfortable, as you observe it.
21. Other ○ Something not listed ○ Any available consumable item.
22. Multiple ○ Two or more of the above ○ Maybe it's not such a good idea to consume everything you find.



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